By Karin:

I write a few blogs of my own where I post the  odd thing - not a serious blogger by blogging standards at all.  Sometimes I even think, oh what the heck - its just another thing that consumes senseless time and energy and who reads it anyway.

Fortunately Blogspot intrigued me enough at that stage to pursue these blogs - accomplishing basic layouts, labels, fonts, adding photo's and links.  Enough to give me a personal thrill of figuring something sort of out, in the complexities of the cyber world. You know how you look back at things and you somehow are able to piece bits of scattered puzzle pieces of your life together?  I now think that all those blog-figuring days on findingprettyagain.blogspot.com was preparing me for this blog, msainsouthafricawithsonja.blogspot.com - a blog that oozes meaning, purpose, inspiration, love and hope amidst the inner and physical turmoil of an illness called Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).

Up to recently, my most active involvement with this blog was when I created it as a platform for Sonja to express her journey with MSA.  Much thought went into finding the right words, the right photo's, the right links, the right layout, fonts and colours before giving Sonja the green light to go ahead. Bravely, gingerly and boldly she did.

Sonja's first blogpost was triggered because of my analogy on the homepage comparing her to MufaSA, highlighting her bravery, tenacity and perseverance.  Words she would probably not have chosen herself - one is more modest when you write about yourself, - so I took a bit of liberty of course and looking back, those words are still so true and I would choose them again right now to describe Sissi (meaning little sister - a pet-name we call each other).

Watching from the sideline, chirping here and there, tweaking now and then, it filled  me with such pleasure and joy to see how Sonja embraced this platform with confidence and ease.  As her physical condition deteriorated, the more boldly she shared her story, encouraged patients and carers.  Awareness and information has been shared liberally.

We are grateful for this Blog and Facebook, as this had helped immensely to help Sonja to stay in touch with the outside world as her physical abilities deteriorated and she became restricted the walls of her house.


Because of the realities of Sonja's physical condition due to MSA, her hand coordination has deteriorated, and typing, amidst a host of other abilities, is affected and I will be contributing more to the blog - with written articles as and when I feel prompted.

I hope to compliment and echo her thoughts and continue to keep MSAinSouthAfricawithSonja.blogspot.com going with information and snippets from her life.

By sharing this blog you will keep a flag blowing for Multi System Atrophy in South Africa and share the universal dream, help find a cure.

Thank you for reading.

Photo of me taken by Sonja the day I painted
her feet to make a collage for the MSA
Art Page (link below).  It was a colourful
messy fun day that I'll always treasure

(Sonja passed away on 14 March 2017.  This Blog will remain in memory of and as a tribute to her as well as her dream to find a cure for MSA).


  1. this is very inspiring, My Brother was diagnosed with MSA in July of 2013, before his 49th Birthday. We know now how very precious life truly is

    1. My apologies for my late response. I can't figure how I missed your post. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. You are welcome to communicate with us either via this blog or our Facebook page. We offer various links to informative pages and inspirational links which we hope will help you in your path ahead. Kind regards. https://www.facebook.com/pages/MSA-Multiple-System-Atrophy-South-Africa/278167328865814?fref=ts

  2. Dear Neville, I am very sorry to hear about your wife. The MSA community are very supportive and understanding. Do make use of the links provided. Wishing you all the best with the difficult road ahead. Kind regards.


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